El Camino

The El Camino property is an IOCG (iron-oxide-copper-gold) prospect located 380 kilometres northwest of the City of Salta, Salta Province, northwest Argentina. 100% owned by Aldebaran. Access from the City of Salta is by good paved roads for the first 150-km and by all-weather dirt roads for the remaining part of the road to La Casualidad Mine. Access to the property from the mine is by a 2 km long rough dirt track. The total travelling time from Salta is estimated at 8 hours.

Geology and Mineralization

The mineralization at El Camino is represented by hematite ± fluorite ± quartz and copper oxides, mainly in hematite-rich breccias, stockworks and sheeted veinlets hosted in felsic volcanic rocks of Permian-Triassic age. The alteration forms a crudely triangular shape zone with an asymmetrical pattern, in excess of 2000 meters long, 1000 meters wide and pinching to the south. Alteration assemblages are non-common but typical of the IOGC systems, and include K-feldspathization, intense hematite, chlorite-hematite, sericite/kaolin-silica-hematite, and chlorite-K-feldspar with silica-hematite veinlets and K-feldspar biotite/chlorite Hematite alteration. In the core of the altered zone, matrix-supported, clast-supported and crackle breccias are abundant. Alteration is variable and includes hematite-rich, chlorite-rich, chlorite/biotite-k-feldspar-alunite-magnetite and CuOx-hematite as replacements within these breccias.

Exploration History

1996: The El Camino prospect was discovered in 1996 by Mansfield Minerals Inc.

2000-2001: Teck performed a fast and small exploration program under a joint venture agreement with Mansfield, which included sampling and a small diamond drilling campaign totalling 719 m. Highlights from this 4-drillhole program can be seen in Table 1. Best results in Teck´s trench channel sampling include:

-TEC-E:42 m @ 1.33 g/t Au; 0.52 % Cu; 1.11 % Pb; 1.27 % Zn and 41.6 g/t Ag
includes 26 m @ 2.30 g/t Au; 0.66 % Cu; 1.60 % Pb; 1.40 % Zn and 60.4 g/t Ag
-TEC-02:24 m @ 1.00 g/t Au; 0.16 % Cu; 0.13 % Pb; 0.55 % Zn and 15.52 g/t Ag
includes 6 m @ 1.65 g/t Au; 0.17 % Cu; 1.33 % Pb; 1.70 % Zn and 28.9 g/t Ag

Teck returned the property to Mansfield in 2001.

2002-2007: Mansfield completed several field exploration programs in the area including mapping, systematic soil sampling, and collection of prospective grab samples, Induced Polarization and Ground Magnetometry surveys, trenching and drilling.

2008: The El Camino property was transferred to Pachamama as part of a restructuring of Mansfield.

2012-2016: In 2012 Regulus received this project through the amalgamation with Pachamama and very limited work was done in following years.

2017: Regulus geologists completed a reconnaissance campaign and took six rock chip samples in areas of interest confirming gold and copper mineralization (Figure 2).

2018: The El Camino project, together with Rio Grande, Aguas Calientes and other early stage Argentina projects, was spun out into the new Argentina-focussed pubco, Aldebaran.

Exploration potential is open in all directions under colluvium cover, with large areas potentially mineralized still untested to date within the property.

Table 1 : Highlights from Teck Corporation 4 diamond drill hole campaign, totalling 719 m.

Drill HoleFrom
To (m)Length
Cu (%)Zn (%)Pb (%)Area
FB-00124.0830.186.1010.500.150.23*Manifest Zone
FB-0023.0523.0019.958.34*0.520.15Discovery Zone
Including5.0011.286.2817.90*0.810.39Discovery Zone
FB-00322.5637.4014.8415. Breccia Zone
Including22.5624.241.6869.000.370.350.40Discovery Breccia Zone
* Denotes <0.10%        




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